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The STARFACE Client for Android is your mobile integration into your STARFACE PBX. Working with your mobile phone feels like being in the office.The STARFACE Client provides fast access to
- call lists,- contacts,- voicemail and - call redirections.
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Check your missed calls while on your way - the missed calls at your office, that is. Or access the list of received calls and continue a conversation you just ended at your office - with just a few clicks.
With this easy access to your STARFACE PBX you have multiple possibilities to start a call right from your contacts or call lists. You can
- call using your mobile service provider,- use Call-Through,- or make use of Call-Back (without mobile charge).
Its your decision with every call you make whether you want to use your mobile connection or call "through your STARFACE". Respectively, if calling via Call-Through or Call-Back, the callee wont even see your mobile number but your office number - just as though youre sitting at your desk. For your business partners and customers its completely non-transparent whether youre at your office or on your way. In combination with STARFACE iFMC you can basically move your office into your mobile phone.
Moreover, adjust your call redirections from your mobile phone. Whenever an unexpected appointment lets you run out of your office, you can just redirect your calls to your mailbox or a colleague using the STARFACE Client. And when someone actually left a message on your voicemail, you just click the voicemail button in the STARFACE Client and receive the messages youd like to hear. And when youre done, you can even simply delete them.
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